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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
TF16's are retarded crap,do not buy it period

ordering bb's from the USA is also not a good idea, the weight makes the shipping prices high, by the time you convert the usd price and add shipping, you are paying more than you would be paying for something in country.

If you are in scarborough, go to Defcon Paintball at VP and McNicoll and buy BB Bastards from them, best quality and it is local so no shipping.

oh and don't buy that shitty tf16, get age verified and buy from the classifieds here on asc.
Biggest problem with getting age verified is that I'm probably going to have to wait and sit it out until TAC-09 or TTAC3 or whatever you want to call it, then get age verified there if possible. However, I'm looking into getting a gun now as opposed to later. However, would it be possible to pick up a gun at the Airsoft Convention? If it's suggested I guess I could go that route and pull funds out now.
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