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Originally Posted by RighteousSniper View Post
1. What are some good brand names of airsoft weapons that are under $100?
None. Anything under $100 is complete crap, anything under $200 is partial crap.. $300 is about where you start hitting decent quality.
2. Do I need a license to own an Airsoft gun? (I am only 13 years old)
No, but no canadian retailer will sell to someone under 18.
3. Where could I go to buy an Airsoft gun other than walmart in Toronto, Ontario?
Nowhere. The stuff sold at Walmart is generally referred to as "clearsoft" or "crapsoft" and doesn't even compare to real airsoft. Furthermore in Ontario it is illegal for a retailer to sell an airsoft gun to a minor.
4. Are there any types of laws that prohibit the use of an Airsoft gun in a Residential area, also can they be used indoors (a House)
Toronto may have bylaws about it.
5. Are their any organized Airsoft games that are in Toronto and allow 13 year olds into?

Kid, the airsoft you are talking about isn't airsoft. It is complete crap and isn't even in the same realm as the stuff we use. A decent airsoft gun is going to run you MINIMUM $200, though $300-350 is more likely, and moderate to higher end guns start around $450 and go to over $1,000.

Also, airsoft in Canada is in a very grey area of the law, and as such we generally try and limit the aquisition of airsoft guns to those who are 18 years of age or older. Even if you do get your hands on a real airsoft gun, no games allow anyone under 16 to play, and those that do allow 16/17 to play generally require parental supervision or a displayed and proven show of maturity on the part of the individual.

If you want to get into airsoft in a few years, feel free to stick around, read and learn, and save your pennies.

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