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Thanks Kuro_Neko for the very long post. To be honest, my budget for a rifle is around $200 USD so I'm probably not able to Tokyo Marui, or a Classic Army. I am able to get a G&G for around $270 USD Shipped ($329.99 or something CAD from Velocity Arms) and I'm thinking that it might be a good buy, however I'm thinking of opting out for a TF16 still as BORDENSNIPER's review on it says that it's pretty good for the price and odds are that the parts used for it would cost more separate. For BB's I was actually planning on ordering some black Matrix BB's in bulk from the states and having it arrive whenever it arrives seeing as how parts, bb's, batteries, etc can cross the border.

Appreciate your opinion Skladfin however I'm trying to stay away from AK's. Chances are AK's are great rifles and all, but out of personal preference I'm going to stay away from them for now.
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