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It's not the "old ladies" you should be worried about. For most of their lives, guns were a tool, a common part of society, and necessary for survival in many cases.

The people who will cause you problems are going to those middle-aged (at the most) anti-gun-PETA-loving-educated-latte-drinking-social-advocate-soccer-moms who despise violence on TV, rate their kids video games for them and hate, absolutely hate guns in any form. Pppheeww!!

They will call the cops on kids playing with orange water pistols in the park for shit's sake, imagine what they would do if they saw you walking to your car wearing some BDUs, and LBV carrying an M4 with killer-super-sniper-death scope.

Use commone sense, keep your gear and guns secured, out of sight, and won't have to be explaining to cops at the side of the road what airsoft is and that it's really harmless. It's sad that the world has become that way, but you either live in it or take the next transport to Mars. I could lose my real guns just because someone calls a 1-800 number and says they're scared of me. No charges, no trial, no nothing.
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