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closing the doors

Pet Peeves:
-when people make airsoft inaccessible because: 1> you dont have have the right cam. 2> you dont have the cash to buy all metal or TM or whatever (Airsoft shouldn't be about the money...I understand milsim-ists have their own requirements...but why not welcome people and let them build up to whatever those requirements are whilst they would beat having noobs running around in $2k worth of kit making everyone look dumb).

PS one last peeve: you just want to get the rounds down but people who milsim want you to pretend you are a Navy SEAL, JTF, etc. and just wont consider the fun or tactical value of just saying you're this team - i'm this team lets play. I dont mind if YOU want to be an Ranger or SAS trooper but should I have to be for us to game together/against each other?
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