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New to Airsoft and Can't Decide

I'm getting Age Verified (Or AV as people say it) by a week or so as I plan to visit Downtown Toronto sometime soon and people say it'll take about a week or 2 to update (sadly, I can't say I saw people on the Age Verification representative list that will meet around Scarborough).

So anyways, I'm starting out Airsofting and I've read rules and such. My question is "What would you recommend as a starter rifle?". I'm considering starting off with a TF16, or a Panther Arms DPMS A17 because I heard it can hit about 300fps with .2's although it says 272fps with .12's or possibly even a Stinger R34 because it's a starter rifle. However I decided to look up retailers and I bumped into Velocity Arms and am considering getting their GR16 V4 because the price isn't actually too bad (Considering there's free shipping and that the price is in CAD) and if I'm starting out, might as well start out with a great gun.

What's everyone else's thoughts on the guns and if none of the above, could you possibly recommend an interesting starter gun? Might get into project guns in the future if I ever get bored enough.

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