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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Cool. But only thing is you'd have to set aside some rentals for us if we do come down. We can bring our guns across to the US but can't bring them back into Canada. Stupid I know....

I might check it out and play a few games in the summer if I get the time to hop down there (I'm back in Vancouver in the summer so shouldn't be too bad of a drive).

One thing though.... Your website could use some.... revamping. TBH, and I'm not trying to rip on you here but it could use a lot better design.

Nice to know our neighbours down to the south care about us up here in our igloos .
Thank you ! The site is very new and needs some touch-ups. I am allways looking for ways to improve the site and I am allways open to sugestions or even help.

And as far as rentals.....that can be aranged with prior notice. The fee would be fair. We have talked about including a rental fee into the OP fee for our Canadian playes who make the trip to Washington. You would have to provide your own ammo and gear.

I hope that in time, who ever are appointed Mods will be able to help me expand the site into something that can benifit the Pacific Northwest and our brothers to the north.

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