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Greetings from Washington State

I hope that I am in the right forum.

My name is Sean S. (papa-smurf) and I have been involved with airsoft for over a year now and with paintball for over 10 years.
I manage a Spetznaz team in Eastern Washington and have hosted Ops, admined Future Soldier III and performed other AIRSOFT related duties.

I have created a new organization and have included Canadian players to join.
I do not believe in a border between a common goal.
We all are part of a large group of dedicated players who want to see this awsome sport grow.
I humbly ask that you take the time to check out our forums, and see if this is something you all would be interested in.

And just to put the carrot in front of the horse...............

I possess the rights to use an 80 acre field for ALL games. I would have no issues with any Canadian playes wanting to come south to use this awsome field.

This is the link:

Now please do not think that I am trying to steal members away, I am trying to open the doors for more Operations in the future and to foster good will between us.

Thank you for your time.

Sean (papa-smurf)
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