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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
No, you don't pick the currency when you're shopping. Check your cart at the end, it lists your items with both USD and CAD.
I don't live in Canada so If you are thinking i'm the person living in canada and paying item in USD is wrong.

I live in US and want to pay item in CAD if I can get benefit of exchange rate.

I simulated using both canadian address and US address

Item I simlurated was Phantom BBP-MS Backpack (OD)

Canadian Address ship to BC vancouver
total including shipping and GST 97.03 CAD

US Address ship to WA Seattle
total including shipping 98.99 USD

using above exchege rate (I know this will change every day) 1USD to 1.22CAD

97.03CAD =79.53USD
98.99USD = 120.76CAD

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