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Thumbs up 007 Customer Service

I'd like to relay a recent experience with 007 Airsoft (Ken Cheung's site).

I recently bought a G&G "R4 Commando", thier RAS/ Crane stock M4, and noticed the rear trigger guard area on the clear lower was cracked around the split pin holding it place. So I brought this to Ken's attention and, not having an appropriate lower available to send me, he strips down an M4 to give me a new "perfect" clear lower... Wow!
I've only had a few dealings with Ken and I have nothing but praise for him, his business and his customer service.
If you've been wondering if you should deal with 007 or not... DO!

Plus his clear lowers have silk screened canadian markings on the M4/m16 series.

Thanks, Ken, for all you've done!


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