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Originally Posted by MillerBRo View Post
Greyhound also works well enough- next bus out service and often $5 cheaper than CanPost.

There is no law about shipping airsoft, just about shipping replicas... so there is that grey area again. In theory if an airsoft gun is a replica you have to ship it in certain ways (CanPost as I recall) but [I]since you CAN legally own a replica and [/B]since (most of us that are clueless feel that) airsoft is NOT a true replica by definition technically (if you make up your own rules as you go along) there is no law about shipping it... but as with all things airsoft you run your own risks.

Best bet is to do as Amos said and CanPost- the number of CanPost airsoft guns shipped has a telling success rate (though I know of lots of Greyhound shipped ones too).

Wrap it well, if someone askes its a "toy" and ship it.. CP
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