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Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
My insureance is, if you hurt yourself on my property ill kill you!
anyways, do you really need insureance on a private field?
If someone slips on the ice in your laneway, they can sue you. Having home insurance ((pends on your broker and plans)) can protect you against these lawsuits. Its the same thing for when you run a commercial or even a private event. If someone gets hurt, they can sue you; having the insurance will back any waivers you have signed by players so that they can't go after you should they get hurt and if they do you are covered to respond to such a suit. There are different levels of course; you can get plans that cover not only you, but the players on the field as well. So that if player A shoots player B and chips a tooth, player A is covered when player B goes to sue for damages. It can get very complicated, but is very wise to look into it before you're caught with your pants down; suddenly that $25/head per game will not look like very much money at all.

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Twas just a joke, im looking for advice, not criticism on my forum conduct
Oh never mind, he's one of THOSE kind of serious business internet guys:


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