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not everybody knows how to work with imaging and related software though. I mean sure a contest like that would be cool...but it limits the number of people who can enter...Maybe I'm being biased, I could work with the software, and I'm artistic, but I'm broke, and any chance to win free stuff is a cool thing. So maybe I'm favouring another contest to increase my own I know.

Apart from that though, what about a contest directly related to airsoft, and real-life performance? Like a leaderboard for actual game wins, and hits?

If I may add one more thing, since creating an insignia and/or logo might not be good, since everyone isn't expressive that way, why not allow people who can shoot pictures, and video also have a shot, by tweaking what you're looking for?

But lets be honest, that idea comes to everyone first. What about beyond that? Just one contest? I have another idea, might be a little tricky though.
P.S If anybody thinks I'm typing too much, I'm sorry...I'm a writer)

Since having contests directly related to the website or airsoft might be hard to come up with, maybe other themes might help. Simple, fun things like drawing contests, and music/writing contests, mostly I guess it comes down to artistic expression contests...It isn't my site, but I'd setup "Your Mama" insult contests...
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