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I don't know if this poll could apply to me, since I haven't actually begun airsofting...I'm still waiting for my age verified status to get updated...But damn, any one else notice how many guys here are 5'7 in height?.. So guess what? So am I. I dunno I have always been on the skinny side, I watch what I eat, don't smoke or drink, and hardly consume pop. I run a 3.6 km route whenever I get that time to run. I guess the best measure of my strength since I haven't done a fitness test since last year in highschool...And I know I'm better off now...would be that I can do 25 pull ups...and and like 30 hanging tricep dips...for those larger...guys who say its cuz I'm skiny..I do weighted pullups too..I strap 45 lbs to myself so thats 145 + 45 in dead weight, so when I weigh 190 lbs I can still do 10 pull ups...So if you're 190 and can't do it...hahahahalol
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