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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Might have something to do with the free-floating barrel.
yeah, I once watch TV show call Weaponolgy, They said that free-floating barrel allow sniper achieve same shot every time. it work by not touch stock. so reduce any mechanical shift.

I read other thread I wrote about FPS, most said mention about how easy change stuff in AUG and P90. I start to think to get such gun that can be easily fixed and have good accuracy for medium to long distance like AUG. but I still think about G36 b/c it has lot of different kind of part if I need to change or replace. I try to balance b/w effective and reliable.
no point to have gun that capable to do 1000 FT for quarter if it has same duration as walmart airsoft guns.
my english is bad. however, It don't make up different on your ignorance.

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