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Hello all,
I just wanted to drop a line on a previously closed forum regarding Cabela’s and the mention that we sell airsoft to minors. I want to clarify that in Canada, Cabela’s (and SIR previously) has always had a store policy not to sell airsoft to minors (much like our policy is not to sell knives to minors as well). There is no law in place that we are abiding by. We do this because we want to be a responsible retailer. I’m sure there will be a few people saying, “Well, when I was there, you did!” and I can only tell you that I cannot speak to those occasions. I can tell you that our staff is trained on these and many other matters regarding items that could be considered dangerous. I myself have never seen a minor purchase an airsoft gun. Yes, it is true, there are purchases made by parents for their children but our responsibility ends when the adult hands over the airsoft gun to their child. The adult is now responsible for how that gun is used and not us. As for if we are going to be receiving G&G equipment in the near future; all I can say to that is, “No comment”.
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