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Sexy Multicam:

I use multicam most of the time but I recently snagged a set of Tru Spec coyote brown BDU's that I am really liking. Only downside is all I need is a red armband and yell something about "vere are ze Juden?" and I will fit right into 1930's Berlin.

CADPAT TW works amazingly well in areas with heavy shrubs, matches the Ottawa area foliage ridiculously well. Have some MARPAT I wear come fall when theres a little more brown. Multicam works great in the winter.

On the note of Multicam, couple things:
Propper - licensed reproduction, a lot lighter than real Crye stuff and glows like hell under a black light
Tru-Spec - use real Crye material, ripstop
Drop Zone - real Crye material AND made in Canada

ACU ain't bad either:

US Woodland can be downright scary (yes, thats a woman...apparently):

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