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Do you like shopping for airsoft? Help Airsoft Innovations and get some grenades!

I'm going to try a new promotion to enlist the help of airsofters who already like to shop for airsoft online.

This spring I want to do a major sales push to promote my Tornado grenade. I want to enlist the help of avid ASC members to help me put together a good store list for my sales staff to approach. I am looking for about 10 web savvy airsofters for this search and have put together what I think is a good plan to reward the collection of contacts for me.

Post here if you're interested and I'll get in touch with you to set you up on the promotion.

Applicants should be:
-experienced airsofters
-web savy (search Google and hit the Yellow Pages online)
-not be affiliated with any manufacturers or retailers

090205 UPDATE: CLOSED! I've got enough participants now. Thanks!
Want nearly free GBB gas?

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