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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
In AS situations.. I have found that even though I'm 2 x most players age and have totaly shot knees I can still out run and out haul most "kids"

I think that has less to say about my fittness.. than it does about theirs.
Amen to that. I was actually quite shocked at this with myself, really. I'll be 38 in 3 weeks. I don't exercise or work out, don't really watch what I eat (to an extent), I smoke, worked a desk job for the past 12 years, spent 3 years on my ass in college before that. Short of shoveling my driveway in winter and odd yard work in summer, I haven't done any physical labour since my late teens. And I can I've got about an extra 20 lbs I could stand to lose...

Before my first airsoft game, I felt a little intimidated, really, seeing most guys were just over 1/2 my age and looked reasonably fit. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep up with them at all, especially in the hot humid weather with full gear on. Much to my surprise, I not only kept up, but I could lead the pack in some cases. Where these guys were panting and resting, I was still ready to go.

It can't be me. I'm in terrible physical shape, so I've also come to the conclusion that they're just in worse shape than me despite not looking it.
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