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How Fit Are Airsofters?

Hey guys; Gordo here again. I am curious to find out how "fit" the average air soft enthusiast is in Canada.

I will run a poll on this, but here are your choices

1. HE-MAN - You are are RAMBO. Your ripped and chiseled, and you shit muscles. You work out constantly and you live your life like your actually in the Special Forces. You are death incarnate!

2. ARMY BOY - You are physically active, you work out a bit, and your in pretty good shape, but you also like to party it up now and again. You may have 10 pounds to lose, but you just never quite get around to it.

3. NORMAL JOE - You are a normal guy, you go to work, you come home an lay on the couch and watch TV. You enjoy Internet Message boards and videos games. You are probably carrying an extra 20 pounds on you, but you still think your looking alright.

4. BUB SLUG - You are a big guy, not Jabba The Hutt big, but your kids WII FIT said your fitness age is 60+ and you are "Obese". You don't do to much physical stuff but all you need is your finger and sweet AEG to decimate the competition.
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