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Troy T. Moore
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I live in the Parkland Region of Saskatchewan.

CADPAT for when the leaves are out in spring and through to early summer. Here there are a lot of poplar trees, spruce and a myriad of smaller trees in the undergrowth (willow, dogwood, etc). Works well when leaves are bright green.

German Flecktarn through rest of summer. Once the green of the trees darken to their mature colour, this is better than wearing CADPAT. I originally bought the Flecktarn because I like the pattern of the camo, just for looks, but it is very functional in the aforementioned conditions.

I recently bought MARPAT for early spring (leaves just coming out) and for fall. A lot more brown than the other 2 sets I have. Come April I will be able to report on its effectiveness.

I like the looke of MultiCam but am not sure if it would work in the areas I play. Italian Vegetato would probably be my next set if I was to be getting more.
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