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I have built my own helmet mount for this camera, based on the Streamlight Vantage fire helmet light clamp. I've since painted this black. Pics below:

I'll be posted some response video shortly.

The clamp hanger I built uses a aluminium clothes line tensioner, which is cut into a U shape. I then used a tap to make two screw holes at the appropriate points. I then took the camera mount that came with the unit and dismantled the lower mount portion and cut the mount at the appropriate angle, tapped and screwed that mount to the U clamp and voila - fire helmet clamp.

In this position it records upside down, but in editing I can flip it no problem.

In my testing I've found that the low light levels on this camera are typical of second generation CCD units, which is expected. However, I also have a Streamlight Vantage light on my helmet and tried this in the dark and it works pretty good as a spot illuminator. I think out of everyone here, I'll be putting this to the most punishing tests, wet, cold, heat and flame. We'll see how it holds up shortly.

So far for the cost of this unit, I am very happy with it.
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