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Originally Posted by ERROR View Post
see I have already decided on Multicam, plus I live in Alberta a fairly arid region with forests, so Multicam makes sence. Plus Multicam is sexy ;-)
And come mid summer you will be raped, please buy a second set of camo by then. Don't mean to sound rude its just the truth. I live an hour and a half north of you and I use;
ACU - my new winter/ local field set as we have lots of spruce here
Woodland- my main summer set
Tricolor - My main fall/early spring
Urban - my old winter set
Black - night ops

Multicam will work like most desert camo but have a larger window of time of the year when it can be used. That said there is never a perfect camoflauge. Each one works well in its given enviroment. Its like asking whats better OD, ranger, smoke, foliage, or sage green. they are all good, its just how you use them and how well they blend with the surroundings at any given moment.
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