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CA Sportline P90TR

Well this is my third review in a very short while...guess I keep buying guns that I know little about and want to advise others.

Well this time its a Classic Army Sportline P90TR and I will be brief.

I had read online at several sources including an FAQ with a US CA representative that the sportline guns have the same internals as all other CA guns but with plastic bodies. Well this isn't true. The cylinder is made of paper thin blue anodized aluminum that I deformed into an oval just be holding it to remove the cylinder head. The piston is black and not brittle, an improvement over the old CA pistons from a couple years back but nothing special. CA guns usually have metal bushings, at least brass if not steel, well these where a blue coloured plastic. The inner barrel was also aluminum and anodized blue. The gears look lightweight and super thin, so less strength on the teeth, nothing like mainstream CA guns I have seen. The spur gear is about 75% the thickness in the tooth compared to stock ICS and G&P gears I have. The motor is not the blue labeled motor I have seen in a recent CA AUG I had, which had very strong magnets only slightly weaker than a SystemA Magnum. This one has a red label and seems on par with a stock JG motor for magnet strength.

I tried putting in metal bushings and G&P gears but it didn't fit at all. I'm not sure whats going on but I tried both some no name metal bushings and some SystemA bearing bushings I had sitting around and even with zero shims the gears where seized either way.

In short, I would have rather bought a TM since the price is comparable. As it stands I am buying a TM mechbox shell and new internals from as the parts in the gun to start with only work with stock parts installed. The only things I managed to replace without trouble was the cylinder (Modify cylinder head I bought wouldn't fit) and the motor (replaced with a SystemA turbo.)

I don't know if all sportline guns are like this internally, but if they are, go buy a TM or save up and get a proper CA gun.
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