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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
Just my opinion, but the the EG700 beats the EG1000 any day for any 'build'.

And for shits and giggles, just because I can justify so, I've found much better performance in my CA M24 shooting 0.30g BBs (chronying at 340fps using 0.20g BBs) than I have using 0.30g BBs (chronying at 490fps w/0.20g BBs) at 300ft. The lower fps gets me out there easily, even if they are floating out, but at higher velocities they veer off after around 150-200ft regardless of wind conditions. I know, it's not an AEG, it's better! But my point being, it's literaly useless to run any airsoft gun over 370fps if trying to get maximum range. Best upgrade for increased range is first and foremost, heavier BBs. After that reasonable upgrades will help to a point, past that the higher the fps, the lower the performance goes, and the rate of wear increases. Last year, my one MP5 shooting 360fps could easily out range (200ft) my other MP5 shooting around 400fps (would get about 170ft if lucky) using 0.28g BBs. BBs at higher velocities hit the hop up rubber harder and end up spinning faster, making them much more unstable. I'm actually considering running my CA M24 sniper rifle at sub 400fps velocities for a few games to study the performance. Hell, I used a Laylax 170 spring in it for one game this year, chronied at 585fps, and I used 0.36g BBs, I couldn't hit the square root of fuck all even at 200ft away!!!!! Couldn't even track the BB path, made things harder.
here a good read from cdn_stalker
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