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Originally Posted by damarco View Post
do the retailers only sell aeg's with clear receivers, or also with coloured?

and, is it really hard to find a lower metal receiver for my ics m4?
i always thought that many ics parts are available in canada.
The laws changed around 2002 and it is very difficult for individuals to import recievers or guns with recievers. Some retailers with permits can bring them in. Others smuggle them in. I would say it is hard to find a metal reciever for an ICS m4 specifically but if any TM compatible reciever will do, the can be found for maybe $250-$300 CAD. I would not count on any seller doing a custom order for you. Mostly, it's what they have in stock is what is available.

The clear reciever weapons are new to Canada and are the cheaper alternative that is easier for more sellers to import. There are still many regular AEGs imported from the U.S. by sellers in this forum.

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