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The first thing to do is to forget what anyone says to you and do what you enjoy most if you are doing it to fit into a crowd u are doing it for the wrong reasons. I have the pleasure of working in the paintball industry and have been playing the game for almost 25 yrs now and have seen it at its best and at its worst, the "AGG" players are idiots and real paintballers both speed and bush can't stand them. That being said I have recently started playing airsoft and I love it very addicting. Maybe its just me but i see airsoft, paintball both speed and bush all to be diffrent aspects of the same game and I enjoy them all, theres no reason someone cant play both and also no reason for people to hate on each other because they play one or the other.

As someone who enjoys both airsoft and paintball i think the biggest problem for the most part across the 3 aspects is the lack of understanding of how the other games work. 99% of the people who have seen a speedball game have seen kids who think they are playing speedball I invite any of you to attend and spectate a pro level event such as the cxbl and you will see its not the spray and pray game u might think it is especially not when your on the field. And adversly being lucky enough to work at a paintball field that has recently added airsoft to our schedule there are at least 3 of us who are hooked already and quite a few more who defintly want to try it out that is what we need more of. The paintball airsoft debate is like the holy wars it shall never end but try and be one of the few that realizes there was no point in it in the first place.

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