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Originally Posted by SultanOfShwing View Post
Jimski's paragraphed version does little to help bring the post to a level of literate English writing that most of us are accustom to reading. If the OP expects people to respond with meaningful responses then he/she should take to time to compose a proper statement that follows even just the very basic rules of the English language.
Yes that is true how you treat yourself will often implicitly or explicitly reciprocate the same response. Although maybe not all the time.

Originally Posted by Cobrajr122 View Post
uhm, no?

just read Jimski's paragraphed version. if you don't like it - no need to comment.

I am tired of the flaming.
I did not say I did not like it am I merely citing a trend that might occur. Which usually occurs.

I like paintball, I love the take your company to paintball events. Thats when you can lace your ass of a boss. But as for crappy fields people ranting about them is good. Complaining about them out in the open when the field owners did not listen to you is great. One complaint can be passed on to many. And then business is loss which I hope will make the owners smarten up.

So far I want to add Soldier Gear paintball and Defcon paintball have been one of the best friendly staff I have ever met, they will even play a game or two with us. And they are not noobs, they are just as good or maybe better than some of the vets I've seen.

One last wish goes to Area51. Wherever you guys are, I hope the best.
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