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Originally Posted by steyr View Post
Kalnaren, you hit the head on the nail (?) with your post, except the following.
I think the term is "nail on the head"
Yes, speedballers do shoot a lot, but unless they're said 16 (or 14, or 12 etc) year old kids it usually has a point. If you ever see a player standing at his bunker and shooting at what is essentially nothing, he is probably shooting what we call a lane. He's probably shooting the entrance to a key position, to keep opposing players out of it. The reason for shooting fast is to keep a steady stream on the lane so if someone tries to run through it you have a higher chance of hitting him. He could also be doing this to keep a player from looking out of their bunker so one of his team mates can move up. Once again, shooting fast here is for the intimidation factor, so the player doesn't get brave and try popping out. It's the same kind of fire-and-maneuver done in airsoft.
If anyone has any THOUGHTFUL questions about speedball chances are I will be able to answer them, just post them here and I'll check back.
We do that too in airsoft -it's called supressing fire. In airsoft it's usually done by support gunners or assault riflemen and has the objective of making the enemy keep his/her head down, either to slow their advance or make it easier for your teammates to flank them. When doing this your objective isn't to get kills.

What I was referring to is completely different. I was talking about the paintball playing style of seeing your target and firing as much paint as possible in their general direction trying to get a hit. From what I've seen that seems to be the preferred way of playing speedball. Paintballers that try and play airsoft like that generally get hosed real fast because quick, controlled bursts from an airsoft gun are very accurate (compared to what they're used to), and because it pisses everyone else off when they do it lol.

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