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Originally Posted by Xx William xX View Post
Or it might just lead to a ban on importation of replica guns with clear receivers. That should make a lot of people here happy including Amos. It would be the flavour of the month as far as media goes then you likely won't here of it anymore. Let's try to have a little optimism here as it's pretty much out of our control anyways. I am done trying to push my little theory. Just trying to give you all a little hope.(except the under 18 crowd):
I don't think they'd stop at clear bodies.

Only hit them first because they are more visable...

How ironic is that?

Anywho, what it comes down to, is we have tried very hard to police our own, and maintain our image so that if the sky ever does fall we don't look like terrorists in training. We try to keep 18+, weed out the idiots, be reponsible, get parents involved, be smart, and create a baseline for common sense.

This undermines everything. Whether or not this ends up being a fatal wound remains to be seen, but a wound it is.

Edit: like Amos said, it's bad. It just remains to see how bad.
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