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Originally Posted by yakuza_ss View Post
Hey guys im new here

im a paintballer who plays airsoft

however i get made fun of because everyone says airsoft sucks

what do you guys think


Paintballers, in general, don't like airsoft for a couple of reasons:

-A lot of paintballers have the "OMG IR 1337 Plyr!" attitude, and then they try airsoft playing it the way they play paintball (which they may actually be good at) but get totally hosed. Not willing to accept that they suck at airsoft, they dis it and the people that play it.

-Paintballers have a massively inflated view of how well they shoot, which leads to them accusing people of cheating when "they know they hit you" from 100 ft away. Likewise, it's actually harder to consistantly cheat in airsoft than in paintball as you're far more likely to be called on it. A lot of paintballers who have never played don't realise this and use "it's easier to cheat in airsoft" as one of their arguments against it.

-Similar to above, they get pissed off when they realise a $450 airsoft gun will outshoot a paintball gun twice it's price in both range and accuracy.

-Many paintballers like the speedball style of "spray and pray" and hate the disciplined, accurate, short burst trigger control airsoft generally encourages.

-To many paintballers, airsoft is the crap you get at walmart and CT... which is complete crap.

-And seriously, 99% of paintballers who dis airsoft are under 16. And Mr. Hitman is right... paintballers gawk all over airsoft equipment when they actually see it.

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