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Originally Posted by Comanche View Post
Huh... that's already done.

That, I definitely agree. Sure, it makes it easier to acess but hell... anyone who wants to "do something bad" with an imitation firearm can go to Walmart or Canadian Tire to get it way easier, I don't think he would pay for a good airsoft gun which costs way more if a crapsoft with Krylon looks *almost* the same... There would probably be underagesofters to buy this, yes. But those would be the players. Stupid kids would still buy the crapsoft.
I was thinking more along the lines of kids bringing their new toys to school, and having a red alert lockdown thing called, all on account of some 14 year old brought his new toy to show little Timmy.

Not so much a malicious attack with a BB gun, or other inteded mischief. Anyone who wants to do that, doesn't need airsoft being sold in stores to do that. This just adds another element to their mischief, which does happen to bring bad publicity for the sport in general now.

Basically, Amos pegged it quite nicely for us.
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