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That depends on the gameplay style you're after, and it also depends a lot on the players you're with.

There is a wider variety of play styles in airsoft than there are with paintball.

Both sports share similar playing styles, in which players try to 'tag' the other one. The tools are just what's different, where airsoft is much more realistic, whereas paintball marks the players to diffuse cheating. The realistic nature of airsoft is why many law enforcement and military agencies use airsoft as a training tool instead of paintball.

The competitive aspect of paintball is what drives a lot of aggression, but is also what makes cheating more prevalent and requiring a tool that actually marks the player to prevent cheating. Airsoft, on the other hand, is an honor based sport for skirmishes and milsims.

There are other gaming styles for airsoft - it's not all about shooting people. If you're familiar with IDPA or IPSC, there are airsoft counterparts to those competitive shooting sports that hones and enhances a players practical shooting skill and speed in a safer environment then around live firearms.

Take your time to know the sport and make the judgment for yourself. People who are quick to make wild negative comments about something else generally don't know anything about it. It's their way of making them self feel better about their uninformed choice.


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