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Originally Posted by Xx William xX View Post
It would suck if they made all airsoft illegal(to play it etc.). I wouldn't care if they just banned importation.
Huh... that's already done.

Originally Posted by Gunk View Post
I think everyone is worried because if there is more access to Airsoft, there will be more people (i.e. kids) with airsoft, and eventually there will be more idiots with airsoft.

But didn't the paintball community have to go through this too? I don't know how much I like the idea of airsoft guns being so widely available that they are in stores, but if the store in question can at least be responsible, and know what they are selling and make sure that joe shmoe 12 year old doesn't walk off with a gun we should be able to live through this too.
That, I definitely agree. Sure, it makes it easier to acess but hell... anyone who wants to "do something bad" with an imitation firearm can go to Walmart or Canadian Tire to get it way easier, I don't think he would pay for a good airsoft gun which costs way more if a crapsoft with Krylon looks *almost* the same... There would probably be underagesofters to buy this, yes. But those would be the players. Stupid kids would still buy the crapsoft.

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