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Response to Ghost271's pball story

idk if im allowed to do this on this forum or w.e so if admins wanna whack me go for it
but in response to ghosts post on the paintball vs airsoft thread comment. i just figured id post this cuz i think that experience you had reeeally sucks.
i played paintball for about 2 years going recreationally, then did a year of tourney, hated it and went pump for a year, went back to semi for a bit and now im back playing pump. Im from edmonton, and the paintball scene out here is preeetty big. so is pump. i think maybe that field you attended may not have been the best. the field i frequent sells paint for $80 regular, $60 on team nights and if you know the right people you can get it for as low as $40 for xball silver. I can totally identify with your feelings of the 'teen punks.' i guess im still a teen punk being only 18, but here we get your scenario with 13 and 14 year olds. these teenie boppers are even brazen enough to confront the older and experienced players as if they want to fight... kinda pathetic. but that crap aside, i think the field you play at makes a huggggeeee difference. I went out to some place (i wont name the field cuz i caused a rather large ruccus on when i brought it up) in the boons with a buddy and our pumps. There was a 'team' decked out to the 9's in brand new shiny semigear. we joined their group, and they also threw in a birthday party of 14 year old renters. so this 'team' tells us they want to play them stick all of us. my buddy and i laughed having both played rookie as PUMPS and novice as semi taking podium in both divisions. so anyways we figure why not. this 'team' immidiately starts tearing through the renters on this bushball field, overshooting and reffing at the same time. After seeing a few kiddies come off near tears for being lit up so hard on their first ever outing, my bud and i get a bit annoyed. so we go off and take down 3 of their guys. 1 of the remaining two figures it would be a good tactic to just start yelling and screaming at us that he had shot us, when he hadnt even fired his marker in our direction all game. eventually the 2 just turn on the ol ramping modes on their guns and lane me and my bud. which is fine, we didnt care they were newbs anyways. but after the game, 1 of the players walks over getting all in my buddies face and screaming at him for not calling out when he was 'shot.' some heated words were exchanged, and both us and the birthday party left. i talked to their field owner about it after, who SUPPORTED this 'team' for shitstorming the renters and absolutely dominating stating that it was 'good practice' for the 'team.' we pointed out that ganging up on a bunch of kids is not practice and would in fact lessen his business as these kids probably wont return.
the owner then hops on this other forum in which i posted my experience, and begins flaming my buddy and i for our 'conduct' having found out our personal tourny experience, giving US shit for coming to a field and trying to ruin his 'best paying customers.' (these guys hadnt even played a tourny btw). so as you can tell i am not going to be attending that field ever again.
my case in point. my regular field, Paintball Action Indoor, would never allow such conduct and even ban players were they to gang up on a pile of renters like that. The staff go out of their way to make sure this is enforced, and i always have a good time at that field. If the field owner allows shit like this to go, 14 year olds to run their mouths and ppl to gang up on lesser players, then bad experiences will be had and it will certainly give the sport a bad name. If you havnt given up on paintball altogether, may i suggest trying a new field? it makes all the difference in the world.
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