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ASC retailers have to agree to a term where they can ONLY sell to 18+, if they break this rule they can lose their position as a retailer.

... This whole arguement is stupid. You know underage people are going to get their hands on airsoft guns.

The difference between underage kids and age-verified people on the forum is that they have to go through the age-verification process (Which is also supposed to work as a screening process and I really hope you don't just check their Id and submit it)

When I verify some one I talk to them to get an idea about what they know of the sport.. If I get the vibe that some one wants an airsoft gun for illegal purposes I simply wont verify them. (Ie If they don't know about XT, MAA, MOUT or any of the other groups in Manitoba, and if they don't really show any interest when I tell them about the different groups...)

I don't know about you.. but I would like my sport to stay out of the negative media eye.
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