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Originally Posted by Gren View Post
I don't believe I was trying to defend or oppose Cabela's in its selling of airsoft. I was trying to say that underage people are going to get their hands on equipment from any source, be it a store that doesn't check ID or Mommy and Daddy buying it for them. Also saying it is possible for any retailer to skirt the rules to make a dollar.

I just hope that all the retailers, be it outside ASC or in ASC stay to the rules of the 18+ to buy.
no what you were saying was that Cabela's and ASC retailing was the same thing, which it isn't, because of our age-verified system of which you are a part of.

do you verify kids or their parents (i hope not)? no, so there is obviously more strict controls via ASC than through retail stores like Cabela's, designed to protect our sport, what is fact is that kids are MORE likely to get airsoft through stores like this than through ASC retailers.
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