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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
- my reference to the noob tank was to illustrate that it is not just hearsay, underaged kids ARE getting their hands on guns from Cabela's, Bass-pro, Walmart etc. as evidenced by the number of Clearsoft threads posted by underaged kids in the noob tank.

- When I asked why you were an age-verifier, I was pointing out that you are part of our 18+ system, the same system that you are saying has no merit as expressed in your previous posts defending Cabela's
I don't believe I was trying to defend or oppose Cabela's in its selling of airsoft. I was trying to say that underage people are going to get their hands on equipment from any source, be it a store that doesn't check ID or Mommy and Daddy buying it for them. Also saying it is possible for any retailer to skirt the rules to make a dollar.

I just hope that all the retailers, be it outside ASC or in ASC stay to the rules of the 18+ to buy.
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