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yes they are bringing them in, i know a couple of the employees there, luckily, the price will be higher than what most kids can afford, as well as higher than most parents are going to want to spend. but i agree that this will most likely do nothing but hurt the sport at least here in Manitoba, if not everywhere.... i have noticed a steady increase of bitchy soccer moms and it is a pain in my ass.

remember back when kids did stupid stuff than the parents were just like, ahhh boys will be boys... man i did some stupid shit as a kid and got away with alot of it to. i feel truly sorry for this generation of kids, they cant do anything with out facing some bitchy friends mom
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Wildcard his gun is better than all of yours, he has magpul stuff on it, all the magpuls you can dream of. He has all of them. On his gun. I wish I had magpuls
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Look at all the fucks no one gives Miles, look at them. There is a lot of fucks not being given.
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