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Excellent indepth fine tooth combing of the internals of the Kart EBR, its good to know that it is actually even less than what I expected, but with an investment of anywhere from 100-150 dollars it would become internally sound.

I think its very interesting that they were able to change the inside of the v7 to accept standard ration v2/3/6 gears. Makes parts more easily obtainable.

About the motor though, you stated that it was soldered on, any issues with its removal at all? The M14 is not really my area when it comes to mechboxes so for all I know a soldered on motor is nornal, but probly isnt, it just doesnt sound right, so Im assuming its not spose to be soldered. So if you were to replace the motor would you require to solder it on as well? That could make for a really annoying time.

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