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For guns bought Prior to 2008

So I haven't caught up much on the legalities regarding Airsoft til recently.

Imagine my surprise when I poke through 007's store and read the blurb noting that only guns with clear receivers can be sold to Canadian civilians now.

Sucks on more than one level since it means those aspirations of getting that TM PSG-1 some day (yeah yeah, don't laugh :P) go out the window.

The bigger problem though are the two guns that I had bought before this new legislation passed (a TM FAMAS, and a KSC Glock) both don't fall into the criteria.

Now obviously the idea of giving up $600+ in Airsoft gear doesn't exactly appeal, nor do criminal charges though.

So I have to ask: is there anything I can do to retain ownership of these and not get in trouble for it?

I imagine this has come up plenty before, but the first few pages didn't yield anything. Thanks guys!
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