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I recently bought some Tru-Spec Coyote Brown BDU's and love em. I have been using them for my pouches and rigs for a while now as it goes with everything, CADPAT TW, CADPAT AR, Multicam, etc.

I ordered mine from eBay, a Tru-Spec retailer who has an eBay store. Tru-Spec makes mostly BDU's out of real material. Tru-Spec Multicam for example is real Crye Precision Multicam where Propper uses a licensed reprint that lacks the IR coating and glows like a glow stick under black light (where my real Crye Multicam stays flat.)

I believe what I have is 65/25 ripstop, might be 50/50, would have to check the tag. Its no where near as dark as some of the stuff out of Hong Kong I have seen where its almost a dark brown, now is it almost day-glow tan like some other stuff out of HK I have seen.
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