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Tachyon XC Action/ Helmet Cam

Got it yesterday, so far Im satisfied with the package.

about the cam:
- plastic feels not durable but what u can do is put home made armor from whatever around it for airsoft games.
-mounts are extremely useful, especially the helmt mount.
-comes with very neat massive sheets of sticker velcro, this way u can ensure the hlmet mount does not move around on ur helmet.
-easily mounts on gun, u can use velcro or a normal strap using one of the horizontal mounts provided.
-mounts are durable and do not expect to break soon.

- before I test it out....get a 8-32G sd cards, this way u can record for 4+ hours on superior mode using lithium e2 batteris.
- the cover is waterproof and has a seal around it so no rain will come in, this thing is obviously rain proof.
-ensure that u make ur own lens protector either from clear plastic or a metal net used in some masks and scope caps.

-Il do test videos at home today and post on youtube linking to this review.
Ill keep everyon posted on this...should be fun
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