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Lipo battery use and discharge rates

Been doing a lot of reading on this site its a pleasure to be here and it is filled with lots of excellent information. I do not own a gun as of yet but shall be correcting that soon through the proper channels and no I am not 15 lol even though i wish i still was some days. Onto my question I have a fairly good understanding of batteries from a huge rc addiciton that i have and that includes use of lipo packs that being said I am curious as to what c (discharge rate) is commonly used, I cant see that small motor requiring a huge c pack but what i am thinking is that some guys will go directly to an 11.1 when a high c 7.4 2s pack may be just as effective u do pay a bit more for the higher discharge rate but would you not also be saving your motor and wiring from handling high voltages they were not intended for ?

Thanks in advance for any and all info

EDIT afterthought i had does anyone use any sort of lipo cutoff the idea of taking a lipo below safe voltage while its that close to my face is kinda scary

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