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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
the person didn't come here to ask about the Clear receiver'd G & G's or ICS guns, he came to ask about clearsoft
And if we simply closed down his thread, as your apparent interpretation of the clearsoft policy would suggest, how would the OP ever learn about the difference between good and bad guns?

If we don't talk about them at all, we can't tell people not to get them, can we?

Let me make this perfectly clear, the clearsoft policy was put into place so we don't support terrible quality clearsoft guns. It doesn't mean we can't talk about them when the subject arises, so long as it's a balanced, factual discussion about why they are a bad choice.

For this thread, the OP asked about them. We told him why we don't deal with them. Then the thread got dragged longer than it needed to be because of the inflammatory comments and arguments. If people had kept their heads in the first place, this thread would've petered out by now.

Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
within a thread that shouldn't be here in the first place
That is not for you to judge. If you don't like this thread, stay out of it.

Actually, this has served its purpose. Thread closed.
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