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Look, I'm not into flaming or cursing on forums that kids can read. I have three kids of my own, my nephew is in cadets, very responsible for his age. Can't say that for all kids his age. If you can't learn to be more respectful to people you know nothing about you should just say nothing. I'm not here to bash or discourage anyone, I have a lot of respect for what all the seasoned airsofter's do to keep things going and for all the great advice they give, but sometimes the advice is more hurtful than helpful and in the end make future players less likely to play. Instead of blasting someone for buying crap without knowing better just tell them from your expirence what they could do instead.

FYI- where they play is in an old sand dune with some little bunkers(tires and such) it is private property with concent from the owner, and a few of the parents spoke with the local police to make sure of the laws AND they are not dumb enough not to wear eye-protection. There is no little Jimmy to worry about

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