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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
Sorry, but that just makes that person an idiot. He expected airsoft to be like playing an FPS, and found out it actually takes skill and energy. Happens often.

Playing with clearsoft guns on private property is not illegal in any way. As a matter of fact, playing with real airsoft on private property is not illegal either, or else we'd be breaking the law every time we played. However, if they're playing on public land, then that's a different story. And if it's within city limits, most urban centres have by-laws prohibiting the discharge of guns - even air guns (airsoft included) outdoors within city limits.

well just to be precise, he never said they were on private property, he just said they were "in the woods" with "some parents watching" mind you he is the uncle of the kid, and the one that bought the gun and yet he didn't claim to be supervising the kid with the just supposin' here

if the parents don't know that eye protection is necessary, then little jimmy loses an eye because his cool uncle thought it would be appropriate to buy his 15yro nephew a shitty walmart clearsoft to fuck around with in the woods with his other pals
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