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For the person who asked, yes this gentleman had confronted me about this, and I thought we were in the middle of working things out. I see no reason this needed to be brought out in the open.

But since it is, I'll lay my cards on the table.

I did mention the the fact the mag catch is missing. That post he found of mine was when I first got my SCAR and was asking on compatibility with using an M4 ambi mag catch since thats all Star had on their site and it looked exactly the same as the old on. Turns out the answer I rec'd was "yes". Because the SCAR uses quite a few M4 parts, the mag catch was one of them. Again this was mentioned before the trade.

He says the rails are mismatched, well this was news to me. How was I supposed to tell when I damn near never used the rails. I only used the gun twice (once at a TWAT game, and once at BWII) and at each time I only used the bottem rail for a grip, and the top rail for a sight. Both fit perfectly, and the rest of the time they were covered with rail covers. The missing bolt catch I will admit I forgot to mention. This was a mistake on my part only due to the fact it was not that important for me it slipped my mind entirely. It came to me like that from the person I bought it from (FoxHound). This did not affect performance of the gun at all.

The part about the rifle not firing was also news to me. I test fired it before I shipped it out. It worked fine. Shot 3 full locap mags before I shipped it. You said it sounds like there is power going to the motor and gears, but nothing is happening. It sounds like the battery I sent you must be going. Have you tried another battery? If that is the case, I will send you a new battery. I also offered to send him the mag catch and bolt catch.

Is there anything else?
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This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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