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Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
Well since my other suggestion got nuked, apparently somebody finds conflicting opinions offensive, but in any case, if you want to spend 200 bucks, you have the option of the Aftermath Broxa or the Kraken. If you want to play CQB, the Broxa is the way to go. It has alot of accesory rails and It's quite small. It's advertised at 400 FPs, but its closer to 365. The Kraken is cheaper, but it doesn't have rails. I just like it because AK-47s are made of win. has the lowest prices on Aftermath guns, with the Kraken at $159 and the Broxa at $179. (am I allowed to say that?)
Your other thread got nuked because you wanted to be spoon fed and refused to read on your own, not because people had different opinions.

And yes, you are allowed to say that. I think some people have missed the point though... the OP asked about a gun (an M4 nonetheless) with decent performance and reliability. There is nothing in the $200 range that falls into that catagory. That's the point we've been trying to get across. Aftermath guns certaintly don't fall into that catagory.

Kuro_Neko's post actually did a decent job of summing up the different brands. The problem with "decent" is that it's a subjective term. A Kraken might work fine for thousands of rounds, but it might not. There is absolutly no guarantee of it, and indeed there are just as many reports of them failing within a thousand rounds (or even dead NIB). To me, that's not "decently reliable". Maybe it is to some people. If someone asked what a cheap, entry level gun is, by all means I would tell them a Kraken or Broxa or whatever. But if they ask what a reliable gun is with good performance, I'm not going to BS them. There is way more to performance than FPS.

I see a lot of people saying their Kraken is great and performs great.. and then you asked them what they did to it and it turns out they replaced the hop-up, hop-up rubber, and inner barrel, ontop of opening the mechbox, reshimming and regreasing. Sure, it performs much better now, but that's not quite stock out of the box is it? Kuro_Neko, I'm not saying you did this or anything, I'm just trying to present the point of view of why we like higher-end guns and tend to recommend them to newbs. Lower end guns are not newbie friendly. They're wallet friendly, and good if you don't mind tinkering with them. Most newbs have no idea how to get around a V2 or V3 mechbox and don't want to. Hence we recommend gun that they won't need to touch the internals on.

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