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All you people seem bent on lecturing the guy on why he needs more money rather then actually answering his question.

For $200, the best you could manage is Aftermath stuff. Both the Broxa (full stock MP5) and the Kraken (AK47) are decent bargain basement guns, about $160 or so each. Stay away from Aftermath's Kirenex or Knight (both M4 variants) and the Lycaon (collapsible stock MP5) though, not a good rep.

If you're willing to go up to $350 you could get a JG. Yeah JG's are China clones but they're getting quite respectable nowadays. JG's M4 runs about $290. You could even get one of the G&G cansoft (clear receiver) M4's for about $340. G&G is the cheapest of the midgrade guns.

As one person suggested you could also go the GBB (Gas Blow Back) pistol route. Though if you're actually going to be playing rather then just plinking in your basement I wouldn't recomend that. GBB's are great to hold (especially the full metal ones) and great to fire, but like real pistols they don't stand a chance against full auto rifles. If you do decide to go the GBB route then you can get a decent one ranging from $250 to $350, depending on the model and manufacturer.

The middle ground between the two is possibility, and about the only way to get a high end gun at the price you wish to spend. You could go with an SMG. I've seen quite a few Tokyo Marui MP5K's going for between $300 and $350 in the classifieds lately. A tiny little thing yeah and since it's intended for CQB (Close Quarters Battle) the muzzle velocity isn't the greatest but still reliable as all hell. You could get a cheap aftermarket folding stock to put on it to improve control for about $50.

Some people above are saying you need to shell out for batteries and mags and camo and chargers and ammo. Most of that isn't necessary right off the hop. The stock battery will do you for awhile. Most of the guns come with a hicap (high capacity (300-600 rounds)) mag that will also do for awhile. I do agree that a good charger would be a sound initial investment, but not a total requirement, especially if you plan to get a good battery down the road and don't care if the cheap wall charger fries your stock battery. Camo isn't really required in the beginning either, just some dark clothes. Ammo, yeah obviously a requirement but even good ammo (BB Bastard) only costs $10 for two thousand rounds.

So truely, all you really need to start is the gun and a bag or two of ammo.

Would you be better off buying a high end gun like Classic Army or Tokyo Marui? Sure, but if you can't afford $500 to $700 that those would cost or aren't sure that this sport is for you, it's fine to start small.

Hope this has helped some. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.


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